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Uni Android Tool Crack

International Mobile Equipment Identity is also known as the EMEI number; it is a system that an international unique mobile identification number. The IMEI number is built in the phone manually, and you can find the IMEI number on the phone backside insert the battery and you can also find the IMEI number by dialing the *#06# on the dial pad. If you want to change IMEI number on your smartphone, you can easily use this software. But the IMEI number changing is wholly illegal in the many counties. So, take your own risk when changing the IMEI number from your phone. But if you want to fix your IMEI number you can do it, no problem. Sometimes after flashing the phone then you lost your IMEI number. That time you can fix your IMEI number easily by using this tool.Uni android tool 7.0 crack.

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What is the Uni Android Tool Crack

Uni Android is a tool that helps you to change your mobile IMEI number or repair IMEI number and ADB TAB, MTK, QUALCOMM and many other. Mostly the Uni Android tool use for evolving IMEI number. Now read about Uni Android features.Premium Full Support Link.

Uni Android Tool features

This tool has many features that help you. Like IMEI repair, QUALCOMM, MTK, ADB tab and many other, now read full details about Uni Android features. 

IMEI repair

IMEI repair

IMEI is a system that identifies the mobile phone. The IMEI number is also known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity. Many ways you can find your mobile IMEI number. You can see the IMEI number on the on the backside on your phone, insert the phone battery. You can also check the IMEI number by dialling the *#06# code for finding the IMEI number on your phone display.

IMEI repair is the most important and helpful features of Uni-Android Tool. It helps you to change the IMEI number from the phone. You can also do read Repair Network, CERT, CERT, flash your phone and FRP reset. But remember that the IMEI number changing is illegal in the many countries, so take your own risk. But you fix your IMEI number without any low risk. Because, sometimes, we need to flash our mobile and after the flash, we lost our IMEI number from the phone. That time only this software helps you.Uni android tool crack download.

Uni android tool crack download


This software has many ADB program. If you want to wipe all data, you can use this software. This software helps you to wife your all data. You can also enable and disable DIAG by using this software. Sometimes we need to on anti-theft function on the android device, but if anti-theft locks your device, you can use this software because this software helps you to unlock the theft lock.  If your device is attacked by anti-malware, you can efficiently remove the malware from your device. FastBoot to normal, recovery mode, download mode, RUU mode, ADB to EDL Mode with Fastboot to EDL Mode. Now you can copy or delete any audio file with VCF reader and FastBoot recovery flasher. Audio handler, FastBoot zip flasher, and FastBoot wipes.


The android tool crack has many MTK features. Now you can directly unlock MTK with the repair Wi-Fi and reading MTK code. Now you can also restore and backup your content, and MTK FRP reset, meta, ATE, write or read (.tar, .bin format), and ADB mode with MTK factory flasher.Uni Android Tool Crack Latest Version.

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Now you can directly unlock your smartphone and reset security code. By using this features, you can change your IMEI number in three methods. Like U.A.T method and NV Generic Qualcomm. DIAG mode with the backup and Normal mode. Restore security, wipe, ASUS, For Generic, Huawei QC method.Uni-android tool V2.0.2 Full Cracked.

Uni android tool 7.0 crack

Supported Brands in EDL mode

The Uni Android tool creaked version support the many smartphone brands. Like, HTC, Alcatel, Coolpad, Acer, Swipe, Asus, Blu, Xiami, Cherry Mobile, Vivo, Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Micromax, Oppo, YU, OnePlus, and Lyf. This tool also supports more than 135 Internal Loaders.Uni-android tool 2.0.2 crack.

I hope now you already download the Uni Android tool crack by clicking the download button. Now you can efficiently use this software. But remember that most of the country does not allow to changing IMEI number, and the changing IMEI number is entirely illegal. this software has a feature that helps you to repair or fix or modifying your device IMEI number. And the IMEI number is writhing on the phone backside insert battery. If you do any illegal activities, we don’t feel responsible for your illegal work. So use this software carefully. No box no dongle or o tension of any driver installations or hardware damage, you do not need to wait for any Stock availability. Just download this software by clicking the link and active the software.Uni android tool 2.02 crack.